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I have become a food writer and a culinary journalist. It was a great adventure to be the author of Cuisine PL, a book designed to promote Polish culinary scene during the Polish Presidency of the EU Council (2011). I earlier had co-authored with Kurt Scheller a book called „Kuchnia Polska, jakiej nie znacie” (Polish Cuisine Rediscovered, 2005). What’s more, I’m a keen fan of regional products and designed several culinary study visits to Poland on behalf of Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Agricultural Market Agency. I am a culinary curator and creator of events at common table (Hala Koszyki, Ethno Museum, House of Vodka).

Dom Wódki, February 2016, event “Vodka and herbs a noble couple”

monika kucia

Traditional Polish food

Let me be your guide in this adventure and discover the best of the Polish cuisine at its roots.

Polish dishes

home made

Did you know how to pickle cucumbers? And what can be made from a salted herring? How to bake beetroots? What is a poppy seed? What are the regional Polish potato dishes?

You can find out all the answers during the trip to Poland,
where I will present richness of Polish cuisine through typical products
used in Poland for centuries.

polish food

For ambitious kitchen masters fresh, seasonal products are of crucial importance. They try to squeeze out all of their unique tastes. Some chefs use molecular techniques – thanks to new technologies they transform familiar dishes in a surprising way, creating new tastes and forms, looking for ‘umami’, the mysterious fifth flavour.

On the other hand, we do care a lot about preserving culinary heritage, supporting small producers who make local specialities and reviving Polish culinary and craft traditions. You will have a chance to meet them and observe their unique abilities and producing methods of special goods.

Polish cuisine

back to roots

Presentation of regional and traditional products is connected with bringing family, local and regional traditions closer. I aim to show what distinguishes Poles and their kitchen and how to weave Polish traditions into culinary culture of other nations. In other words – I want to present you ambitious culinary variations on Polish themes, which can be later on performed in an average kitchen, even by cooks, who just began their culinary adventure.

I invite you to play with flavours, discover Poland through its specialities and to love it and remember it forever. Polish culinary traditions, created under the influence of different cultures, will be the main subject of any of our trip as I specialize exclusively in culinary trips.

polish dishes and cat

about trips

The programmes are designed to share knowledge about Poland as a country with a rich and diverse culture, rooted in the European tradition. Presentation of regional and traditional products is associated with focus on family and local traditions. Specificity of the product is closely linked to the territory, its climate, customs and history. Presentation of regional products reinforces the respect towards the national culinary heritage, which is part of the identity of individuals and the entire nation.

So we do for example:

  • Warsaw (range of restaurants / urban culinary culture/ top chefs / tincture masters / Polish vodka & wine / royal dinner) plus Cracow & Małopolska (Cracow restaurants / markets / small producers / mountain experience / preservatives – smoked plum & cheese / Polish wine / vege Polish table at home)
  • Poznań, Wielkopolska & Wrocław (potatoe / game / home made conservas / crazy food activists / tradition / Polish wine / craft beer)
  • Lublin and surroundings plus Warsaw (great Jewish traditions / groats, chees & edible flowers / small producers / European Festival of Taste)
  • Kujawy, the historical region in north-central Poland plus Warsaw (land of goose/ historical reconstructions / old apples variaty collection / nature / vodka)

I shall take you to vodka bars, fine dining restaurants, small heating houses and countryside taverns. We can go cod fishing in the Baltic sea, pick wild plants in Kashubian forests, make special dough with an old land lady from Masuria Lake district and modern versions of old dishes with young, ambitious chefs.


The itineraries include different parts of Poland

Warsaw & Mazowsze
Warsaw & Cracow
Gdańsk & Pomerania
Poznań & Wielkopolska
Lublin & Lubelszczyzna
Cracow & Małopolska & Podhale Mountains
Kujawy & Kociewie
Masuria & Warmia
Podlasie & Suwalszczyzna
Wrocław & Upper Silesia

culinary trip poland

I shall take you to vodka bars, fine dining restaurants, small heating houses and countryside taverns. We can go cod fishing in the Baltic sea, pick wild plants in Kashubian forests, make special dough with an old land lady from Masuria Lake district and modern versions of old dishes with young, ambitious chefs.

The trips can be from 1 to 15 days long and I can take care of the transportation, accomodation and full programme of your visit.

Tailor made culinary visits are available on request.


tarik bayazit

Tarik Bayazit & Savas Ertunc,

the owners of Changa restaurant in Istanbul and Müzedechanga” (literally: “Changa at the museum”) at the Sakip Sabanci Museum also in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus, were visiting Poland in order to get some inspiration for Polish menu accompanying the exhibition “Poland and Turkey – 600 years of relations” (2014)

Thank you so much for all the kind help and incredible effort that you and your assistant has put into our recent trip to Warsaw and Krakow. Your organization and its implementation was absolutely superb! Your help in understanding your wonderful country’s rich cultural heritage was undeniable. What we have seen and experienced was excellent and thanks to your guidance, we are now making plans and looking forward to our future trips to Poland!
Thanks for all the little details, wonderful and talented people that you have introduced into our lives. Not only great memories but also great tools/information/knowledge for our “Poland@Muzedechanga” project!

dominique prins

Dominique Prins,

a journalist, „Algemeen Dagblad” – a leading daily newspaper in Holland with a readership of 1.5 million

On my first culinary trip to Warsaw I had the joy of Monika Kucia being my guide. She made me discover lots of interesting places in the city, and let me experience the many great tastes of the Polish cuisine. Furthermore she introduced me to the culinary hotshots of the town, and made it possible that I could have a look in their kitchens. Her experience, contacts and especially her enthusiastic approach made that I enjoyed my culinary experiment in Poland very much and that I learned a lot about Polish cuisine.

esben hoff

Esben Hoff, a journalist,

Apéritif AS / Apéritif BAR – a Norwegian magazine for the restaurant business only appearing 9 times a year with a readership of 15,000 The website has 250.000 unique visitors monthly.

As our “Guide Liaison du Privè” madame Monika was excellent. She has a deep knowledge of Polish cuisine and culture, and above all a good taste with a good eye for details. Here connections are first rate. I strongly recommend here as Your special guide in Warsaw.

rene van heusden

René van Heusden,

„Master of Lunch” – Senior Editor
Perswijn –  a leading wine magazine in Holland

Thanks a lot for the wonderful and overwhelming experience in Warsaw. Yesterday I’ve been listening to Chopin all day. In case I need additional information I know how to find you.

rainer shafer

Rainer Schaefer,

VINUM – a leading monthly Wine magazine in with a readership of 253,500 in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain & France.
FINE magazine – a quality wine magazine with a readership of 60,000 appearing 4 times a year.

Thank you for your excellent guidance and the hospitality that we felt in Poland. It was an impressive experience, I hope that I can write some articles about it.



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