The turbulent history of the Lublin region is reflected in the local cuisine, which mixes various influences – including Ukrainian cuisine, Russian or Jewish.

Lublin province is the third largest region in the country. It is located in the eastern part of Poland. It is a region with a well-developed agriculture –  hops, fruits such as currants, strawberries and raspberries, as well as buckwheat are grown here successfully. One of the best currently recognized dishes from the area of Lublin is cebularz lubelski.

It is a wheat cake with a diameter of 15-20 cm and a thickness of approx. 1.5 cm covered with chopped onion and poppy seeds. The recipes are passed from generation to generation.

I had a pleasure of hosting food writers and culinary journalists invited by Instytut Adama Mickiewicza who join a culinary trip curated by me to show what Poland has to offer to the world. Study tour was designed to explore manufacturers and regional products of Lublin and to discover Lubelskie tastes.

One of the guests was Veronica Fossa (WE Factory), born in Italy and traveling around the world experience designer and strategist in the area of food, appearing at international conferences like Design Festival in Tallinn. The other great people who came to Poland were also: Tania Mauri, culinary journalist from “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, the author of books (the latest is dedicated to the ideal of pizza) and blog Gridigusto and Fabio Parasecoli, professor of Food Studies at The New School in New York and columnist of culinary The Huffington Post. I had a pleasure to also meet Ingve Ekern, a famous food critis and a journalist from Norway.

We started in Warsaw and visited first Opasły Tom Kręgliccy where Agata Wojda prepared best ever beetroot and raspberry cream soup and a local market Bazar Olkuska. The special vodka tasting was prepared for us in DOM WÓDKI – Elixir Restaurant & Vodka Atelier. We learned how to distinguish potatoe and grain vodkas.

On our way to Lublin we prepared some tradtional local dishes with chef Agnieszka Filiks from the restaurant Siwy Dym in Celejów. She was showing us secrets of “forszmak”, a thick meat soup originally made of leftoovers, “pierogi” – dumplings with cottage cheese and buckwheat, edible flowers and nettle soup. Fantastic time!

Great adventure of travelling round Lubelskie region to discover its taste. Finally we visited Europejski Festiwal Smaku w Lublinie, The European Taste Festival – a place of many great food adventures, like tincture (nalewki) contest. We met there with Waldemar Sulisz, the director and culinary critic.

It’s been an honour to be a personal guide of such a great team. Thank you for the experience we created together. Fun and inspiration!


A Jewish style bagel in Kazimierz Dolny