Polish eating habits may be surprising for some foreigners. Traditional daily menu in Poland comprises five meals, not three, as in most countries.


polish meal

Sandwiches – typical for breakfast

Breakfast in Poland is usually a very rich, balanced meal. We have not only small croissant or roll with butter, jam or honey, but also cheese, ham or sausage and fried/boiled/scrambled eggs, as well. Polish people more often drink tea at breakfast than coffee, but it keeps changing nowadays. However, Polish people generally start the day with meat or eggs. They usually have a slice of bread called sandwich topped with pork, sausage, quark or some other cheese. Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day. It might be not light as in other countries, but it gives you so much energy, that is certainly enough for the whole day.


Lunch is not very popular in Poland. Second breakfast – this is how we called lunch – is usually eaten on the go and consists of another slice of bread, dry smoked pork sausage or different kind of salads – green salad, fruit salad, etc.


Cheesecake - it's hard to imagine Christmas without one!

Cheesecake – it’s hard to imagine Christmas without one!

The main and the most abundant meal of the day is without a doubt dinner. A full polish-style dinner contains soup, a main course and even a dessert. The most popular soups are: vegetables soup – borscht, tomato/cucumber soup, but poles love also mushroom or potato soup. We eat a lot of meat and that may be a reason that we know much about how meat should be seasoned. The most typical meat is a pork cooked in many ways, but we eat also beaf, veal and fishes.


Dessert called “podwieczorek” is more of a snack time than a meal. It’s often cheesecake, apple pie, pound cake or some other cake, eaten with a cup of coffee/tea.


When it comes to dinner, we’re dealing with a large variety of dishes. Mostly it ends up with sandwiches, tomatoes with onion and basil, or pancakes sometimes, but it actually can be everything.