Undoubtedly, nowadays Polish cuisine is getting more and more popular in the world. Supposedly, food critics often compare Polish cuisine to the flavors of Tuscany and Provence.

British magazine Guardian wrote that Polish cuisine is a combination of Provencal flavors with the addition of beetroot. Journalist from New York Times is fascinated with Polish stew and kirsch, on the other hand The Washington Post appreciates that the Polish cuisine are full of fresh vegetables.

Famous dumplings

Polish dumplings also seems to be very interesting meal, especially for British people – they’re fascinated with posibbility of using a multitude of types of stuffing. The food which is also liked all over the world are: stuffed cabbage and beetroot soup with dumplings.

Some foreigners say that dishes with mushrooms have very exotic flavour, they believe that shrooms are giving meats the clarity, and their taste stays in the memory for ages.

traditional polish food

photo: Monika Motor